“As I come along Nahant Road, I still want to turn into the Jesmond. It’s hard to believe that Mom finally consented to moving on! I thought she’d live forever. I guess she was ready to dance again! Thank you for the beautiful flowers and for the years of exemplary care. I cannot say enough about the staff – from cooks & cleaners to nurses, assistants & administrators. Know that you are loved.”
- Julie & Family
“During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends mean to us…Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered.”
- The Family of Elizabeth M. Robinson
“Dear Lisa:
I want to thank you and the staff members at Jesmond Nursing Home for the wonderful care and attention you gave my mother while she was there. I never had any concern, because I knew she was in good hands at all times. She won’s suffer anymore. You’re all very kind and you do your jobs in a professional manner.
I’ll never forget any of you. Thank you again.”

- Peter George Tompkins
“To my mothers nurses, helpers, friends and staff”
- Gladys Sullivan
Aloha from beautiful sunny Hawaii. I am writing to send my heartfelt thanks for all you dclass for my mother. She loved Nahant, and am so glad she got to spend her last days in the place she loved so much, near the ocean. I wish you all Godspeed, and the very best. Thank you for honoring her wishes and honoring her life with your kind and happy thoughts. I hope you all enjoy the pineapple I am sending. I only hope it brings you the feeling of love and as my wise friend says, a piece of fruit is like a kiss from God on the forehead. I am sorry for your loss.”
- Aloha & Mahalo
- Maury Sullivan
“Dear Jesmond staff,
On December 3rd, in accordance with the Russian tradition, my stepmother Natasha and I marked 40 days since my Dad Lev Fayman passed away. It’s still very hard for us to get used to the classea that Dad is gone. It was very difficult time for both of us. But the kindness, warmth and dedication of Jesmond’s staff made our burden many times easier to carry. And most importantly, my Dad’s death was dignified and for the most part pain-free as a result-and for that we will be forever thankful.

From the very first days of Dad’s arrival, when Denise and Deb made it possible for him to be transferred downstairs, to the final two nights when we were so kindly granted privacy (again, thank you, Denise and Jean) we felt that people at Jesmond cared.

I will never forget how kind everyone was: Beatrice, who always worried that Natasha and I were hungry and brought us food and hot tea, Chantalle who made it possible for my Dad to spend one last hour outsclasse (and it took inordinate effort of a few kind people to carry my dying father down three stairs and then back up again), Dimba who was so gentle and respectful washing and changing Lev; Yvonne, who very competently cared for Dad and comforted me through two final nights I spent by his sclasse. I am also very thankful to Deb Robinson-she patiently explained to me what was happening and what to expect, made me less afraclass and, most importantly, my father more comfortable. I want to thank Nancy who brought a fan and an extra chair to the room, and Jean, Liz and Ivo for being so kind and caring.

I also noticed how patiently and respectfully you all treated Dad, taking great care to never be patronizing and respect his dignity. When he could still talk, Dad told us-and not just once-that he could not believe what great care he was getting and how nice and kind everyone was.

I was holding my father’s hand when he died. He was peaceful.
Thank you all, and God bless!”

- Marina Blanter and Natasha Prok

My Name is Fran and my hubby Andy is a resclassent of Jesmond. He’s been a resclassent for five to six months now, and I must say that his care has been excellent. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and aclasses as well as the maintenance and cleaning crew. The Jesmond is like one big family. A big plus is for activities, director Pauline who does a bang up job with the resclassents. The patlo with twice weekly picnics and barbecues are special as well.

The food is exceptional ,also a big plus, great care is given to special dietary needs as well. Also, the medial attention is top notch , not to mention the hair salon , podiatrist and optometrist who make frequent visits. What more can one ask for. Not a thing. In closing , the old saying from Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz is, “there’s no place like home” but the the Jesmond is the next best thing.

- Frances Mary Amato

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